Design and html production for

I worked with the team at theMIX agency to make a website showcasing their company’s abilities. Shay from theMIX agency, a full-service communications boutique in San Francisco, got in touch with me because they were having problems bringing their ideas for a company website to life. They dreamed of a hand-drawn, interactive play zone that would lead visitors to the content. They tried to work with a few developers, but none were successful in realizing their vision. Shay asked me to check out all of the previous work on the site, and I identified a lack of concept and planning in the early stage of the design.

I started the job by making a sitemap and proposed a new concept using a storyboard. They loved the idea, so we crafted a plan to build the website. Veteran web developer Lucas Shuman was brought in to handle the flash elements. He made the animated splash page with xml feeds and many amazing action-script tricks. Lucas also made the subpage navigation, which scrambles on rollovers and works with xml and javascript to control the content frame.

I handled the general layouts, project management and html production. The BLINK blog and Client News are powered by WordPress using a custom theme. All the artwork for the website was drawn by Chris Lindig, then I made vector versions of the art so we could color them anyway we liked.

Vanessa Camones, founder of theMIX angency, said “You guys did a kick-ass job, Isaac. I am so thankful. You have no idea what a nightmare it was until you came along. You brought my vision to life. Thank you. Seriously.”