Design and html production for

Los Angeles real estate agent, Stephen Sigoloff, was interested in making a website made to showcase his amazing listings. He loved the website of his friend Marc Selwyn, a site I redesigned and produced a little over a year ago. Marc sent Stephen my way with a glowing recommendation and we got started right away. Stephen had some basic ideas for the site, but really wanted to use this illustration of one of the homes he is selling on the homepage.

We pulled colors and some design queues from illustration and worked out an easy to navigate, bold website. We included biography information on Stephen and a special property search Stephen worked on to filter properties he approves of.

Stephen’s listings vary from your standard sell, using just a few images of the location or advertise it, to more in depth surveys of the property, using extensive photography and text descriptions. I created 3 templates for the different style of listings so we could easily add new properties to the site.