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Brenda Abbandandolo

Brenda Abbandandolo

Design and production for New York designer Brenda Abbandandolo wanted to make a sleek portfolio to showcase her recent work. I worked with her to develop the…

projections poster

Projections Film Festival

Concept, design and production of a logo, poster/announcement, website and advertisement for a very unique, month long film festival organized by Aaron Rose at Roberts & Tilton in…

Kadillac Tattoo

Website build and webmaster for The Kadillac Tattoo website was built so that it would be easy to update and simply reflect the shops style and attitude….

Roberts & Tilton

Design and webmaster for I first developed the website for Roberts & Tilton art gallery in 2003. When it began, the site was just a couple of…

invite poster

Kovalsky Wedding Invites

Illustration and production of wedding invitations My good friend, Justin Kovalsky, asked me to make a poster invite for his wedding. I came up with the concept and…

2 on Tilden

Design and html production for Los Angeles real estate agent, Ron Deutsch, was working on advertising a very special property in the West Los Angeles area and…

weasel 50th cup

Weasel’s 60th Birthday Stadium Cup

Concept, design and production of a take-home gift for the guests of a 60th birthday party. I was asked to come up with a good favor for this…

stephen sigoloff

Stephen Sigoloff

Design and html production for Los Angeles real estate agent, Stephen Sigoloff, was interested in making a website made to showcase his amazing listings. He loved the…

feel free T

Feel Free Tshirt

Tshirt illustration for the band Feel Free. I was contacted by Robert Carlson, a member of Arizona rock band Feel Free, after I posted some of my drawings…

Balarama Chandra das

Design and html production for My brother keeps a very busy schedule between being a Yoga instructor, cooking healthy food for large groups and his constant studies….

hebrew school cd

Hebrew School DigiPack

Illustration, design and production of a DigiPack CD packaging for Brooklyn, NY band Hebrew School. David Griffin, front man for Brooklyn based rock group Hebrew School, was looking…

hounds on the hudson

Hounds on the Hudson

Design and html production for Hounds on the Hudson founder, Jen Pursley, found me by looking at the other dog walking and pet services around. She found…

hebrew school poster

Hebrew School Poster

Illustration, design and production for Hebrew School record release party poster. To announce the release of the new Hebrew School CD, the group organized a release party. They…


Healing Hands Physical Therapy

XHTML/PHP production for Mike Kelly at Sirius Link contracted me through a craigslist job posting that I responded to, looking for a web developer. Mike had hired…

usc book

USC School of Fine Art Book

Design and production for USC Roski School of Fine Art catalog. I was contracted by University of Southern California’s graduate art program to make a book collecting 10…


theMIX agency

Design and html production for I worked with the team at theMIX agency to make a website showcasing their company’s abilities. Shay from theMIX agency, a full-service…

Zimbabwe Legit LP

Zimbabwe Legit LP

Design and production for Zimbabwe Legit reissue album. Full graphics package for this reissue hip-hop album. 12″ jacket, gatefold digipack, promo cd wallet and stickers. This project was…

blacklake productions

Blacklake Productions

Design and production for I worked with Arlo and Jon, owners of Blacklake Productions, to make an expandable video portfolio website.