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Design and development for this expansive artist portfolio. Custom templates and CMS development as well as photo and page production.


Luis Solis Realty

One a series of ongoing marketing websites and promotional tools for I designed and developed this responsive website. Also did various photoshop repairs to bad photos.


Ps and Qs Shop

Design and development for an online store for a new street shop in Philadelphia. Helped create a workflow to manage the website and process orders.


Seneca Press

Facelift and repairs to a WordPress website. Worked with the client to resolve all the problems he had with the website that the developer said were impossible/expensive to…


Roberts and Tilton Gallery

Roberts and Tilton Gallery is one of my longest running clients, almost 10 years of regular updates and various website redesigns.


S T Go Cosmetics

Design and development for ecommerce website relaunch.


Little Axe Salon

Recently worked out this basic logo and branding for a new salon in Brooklyn. Also created the basic responsive website and setup a mail chimp template set for…


Animal Collective + Keep Shoes

I worked with Keep Company to plan, design and produce several main elements of this collaboration with the band Animal Collective. Keep came to me with the finished…


Jack Tilton Gallery Website

I recently created this new website for Jack Tilton Gallery. They wanted a website they could edit easily for upcoming shows and adding a rich archive. They were…


Bruce Cohen Studio

Design and production for & Printed Items World class artist Bruce Cohen was referred to be for the building of his website. His art is featured on…

Brenda Abbandandolo

Brenda Abbandandolo

Design and production for New York designer Brenda Abbandandolo wanted to make a sleek portfolio to showcase her recent work. I worked with her to develop the…

Kadillac Tattoo

Website build and webmaster for The Kadillac Tattoo website was built so that it would be easy to update and simply reflect the shops style and attitude….

Roberts & Tilton

Design and webmaster for I first developed the website for Roberts & Tilton art gallery in 2003. When it began, the site was just a couple of…

2 on Tilden

Design and html production for Los Angeles real estate agent, Ron Deutsch, was working on advertising a very special property in the West Los Angeles area and…

stephen sigoloff

Stephen Sigoloff

Design and html production for Los Angeles real estate agent, Stephen Sigoloff, was interested in making a website made to showcase his amazing listings. He loved the…

Balarama Chandra das

Design and html production for My brother keeps a very busy schedule between being a Yoga instructor, cooking healthy food for large groups and his constant studies….

hounds on the hudson

Hounds on the Hudson

Design and html production for Hounds on the Hudson founder, Jen Pursley, found me by looking at the other dog walking and pet services around. She found…


Healing Hands Physical Therapy

XHTML/PHP production for Mike Kelly at Sirius Link contracted me through a craigslist job posting that I responded to, looking for a web developer. Mike had hired…